Alans Trains

















I was given a train set for Xmas 2006 by the boys but as I was in hospital I would have to wait till I come out to set it all together. Well as soon as I was out I had to set it up on the lounge floor to make sure it worked. It was not  too long before Liam came over and started construction of the table and with a few hours of hard labour we had made the table and assembled the track on it . Here is the start of the layout !!









                                                                                                           Table assembly in spare room                         Project complete !!


             In the Lounge                  Table under construction


Over the next few days/weeks we started to get more track down and some terrain  under construction , this was achieved using the following technic.


The rough skeleton was cut from some “Coreflute” material and secured to the baseboard with glue and tape. Before you go too much further check that you longest and widest piece of rolling stock will fit easily through all the cut out in the bracing parts. I next added some cross strips of card etc to brace this all together. The whole structure was then covered with some fine “flywire” which was fixed all round and to the Coreflute skeleton The tunnel entrances and exits were constructed separately and fitted next, again make sure the biggest piece of rolling stock will fit through the opening. Once this was completed the entire structure was covered in paper mache. The whole project was then left to dry out for 2 to 3 days.











Once all this was completely dry make sure again that your largest piece of rolling stock is able to get through from one end to the other with out touching the structure.