†††† Hi and welcome to my website

††††† ***************************************************

††† I started these pages some time ago and have

††† gradually over time increased the content.

††† It has become quite time consuming trying to

††† keep even this simple one up to date but if

††† anyone would like some help in trying to

††† make their own webpages I would be willing

††† to lend a hand.

††† My story and experience with Prostate cancer

††† can be found with the links

†† There are also links to my life in the Royal Navy

†† and my family tree

†† Soon there will be photos of our Round the World

†† Trip added

††† If you have anything to add them please

††† e-mail me and Iíll try and add it when

††† I update these pages next.


††† Drop me line atalbys@iinet.net.au



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